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Try your hand at PumpkinPopper! The game sees your room through your iPhone/iPad camera and inserts pumpkins and other targets in Augmented Reality (AR). Pop the pumpkins, dodge those thrown back at you!. Have fun at every level.

Orange Boss Pumpkin

Looks pretty gnarly doesn't he? Watch him, he will Pop you before you know it!

Purple Pumpkin

Purple Boss Pumpkin

If you think Orange Boss is a Baddie, wait till you see this guy!


Orange Candy Pumpkin

Loves sprinkling his candy like confetti and giving you points.


Gold Candy Pumpkin

This guy should be called Dr. Gold for the way he can heal the Pops the Boss Baddies inflict on you - and he's full of points!

Green Pumpkin

As wicked as this guy looks, he's really rather nice. Points are his gift to you.


Purple Pumpkin

Another sheep in wolf's clothing - he's nicer than he looks.


Brown Witch Hat

These things can't sit still and they take more than one Pop to stop!


Orange Pumpkin

Another of the Pumpkin Kids who's really nice and points are your for the taking!

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Frequently Ask Questions

What is PumpkinPopper?

PumpkinPopper is an Augmented Reality game. Your world. Your fun. You need iOS11, and newer hardware. Augmented Reality puts computer generated objects into a view of your real world -- blending the real with the imagined.

Who are the characters

PumpkinPopper has pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins (and an occasional witch hat). These characters (targets) show up in your room at each level of the game. Earn points, recover your health by popping them.

Why don't the Hats disappear immediately?

Hats take more than one pop to disappear. Hats and some of the other targets take more than one hit to disappear and earn points. Aim well, because one Pop will set them in motion and they may fly away before you can finish them off.

Tell me about these Boss Pumpkins

The Orange and Purple Boss Pumpkins are the bad guys of PumpkinPopper. Their job is to throw pumpkins back at you. Watch your Health Level - if it reaches Zero, you're finished. Popping a Gold Candy Pumpkin in the scene will restore your health

How do I know how to play?

Each level provides you with clues as to your objective and challenges. It's quite intuitive!

Which version of iOS do your apps support?

PumpkinPopper uses Apple's ARKit which only runs on iOS 11 and processors A9 or higher. Dont worry, the app store won't let you download it if it won't run on your device.

Why does the app occasionally stutter?

If PumpkinPopper ever stutters while playing, it will be because your device is nearing its maximum performance. Sometimes it is because another app (like Mail, Messages, or your Phone) have a message. You might also have lots of targets in the scene and pumpkins flying all over the place, you are really pushing the processor and memory!

Will there be new features added?

Look for app updates to enjoy new characters and levels with increasing complexity to test your skills!