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Steeple transitioned into mobile app development in 2009, primarily for internal and enterprise projects. Then in 2014, Steeple launched our Mobile Application Lab with focused capability to develop and test for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Our lab is equipped with a variety of devices, development environments, and testing platforms. It has been instrumental in the design and development of two recent, the NCS Cyber Security Summit app and the Mobile Sex Offender Registry (SOR) app for the State of Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI).

Interested in having us design something for you? Take a look at our Toolbox for some of the designs we have created in the past.

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What others have said about the Steeple Difference.

  • "In 2016 we had record of over 1500 attendees who gave great feedback on the mobile app Steeple developed for the Summit. Steeple changed the way attendees engage with exhibitors. "
    - Jamie Miller
    , Mission Multiplier and National Cyber Security Summit Board Member

  • "Our Mobile Application Lab provides the resources we need to design and implement APIs and databases for the Android and iOS apps we develop. Customers benefit when we use this great toolset to create mobile solutions for them.. "
    - Michael Lee
    , Mobile Application Lab Manager

Brainstorm Session

Designing and building on ideas that would be the best fit for your mobile app requirement.


We apply our experience in enterprise project management, IT service management, and Agile development to provide you the plans, deliverables, and expectations that you and your stakeholders want and need.


Our designers work closely with clients to ensure the app being developed has an effective, intuitive and engaging design through mockups, wireframes, and prototyping models.


Our development teams can provide top quality turn-key solutions for your organization. For work-for-hire projects, we will provide source code for the solution and will work with your team to provide full code reviews, walk-through release procedures, and debugging. Want us to design something for you? Take a look at our Toolbox for design features we can include.

App Testing

Apps undergo multiple tests to ensure that the final product is free from any technical or layout glitches, including unit tests, load testing, and functional testing.

App Deployment

A well-defined release cycle for mobile apps is instrumental for smooth deployments. For customer's own releases, we can provide step-by-step support on the way to the App Store or Google Play. For enterprise apps, we can help you by building your own private app store and set up your releases.

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