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What's in our toolbox?

Since our foundation back in 2000, Steeple Technologies, Inc. has successfully developed web, mobile, and enterprise applications for businesses around the United States. We leverage numerous tools, techniques, and practices to make the design process work as efficiently as possible.


We integrated a photo capability into the mobile SOR application. The app manages the camera and in this particular app, album access is restricted to within the application due to its sensitive nature. We utilize a library of resizing, resampling, and encoding to effectively exchange with our server-side components.


We are building a custom visitor control system that integrates with the client’s Office365 employee database list and visitor database via Office365 REST-based queries.

Fingerprint Scanner (For Law Enforcement)

For the TN Bureau of Investigation, Steeple integrated the Bluetooth-based Blue Check II fingerprint scanner in a technology demonstration. The 3M Cogent Blue Check II™ is a small, handheld NIST-approved scanner that captures left-and-right index finger prints.

Document Signing

Many applications require signed consent or signed receipt. We’ve built a custom signature capture capability that will save signatures as .png or work with server-side components to embed into pdf documents. We use this capability in our Mobile SOR App where both officers and offenders sign on the iPad screen using a stylus/Apple pencil or fingertip.


Steeple is currently working on extensions to the Mobile SOR App to provide a map of offender addresses using Apple’s MapKit™ framework. Used to identify points of interest, boundaries

QR Code Reader

Steeple’s NCS2016 app integrated a QR reader directly in the app – no need for downloading a separate application to do the work for you. The app utilized a QR code reader to track user involvement in an event-wide booth bingo game.


Simplifies application login and unlocking. Steeple created a TouchID-based access control for the Mobile SOR App.

TI SensorTag™

Internet of Things (IoT)™ development kit that combines sensor data with cloud connectivity. The SensorTag supports iBeacon™ technology from Apple. Steeple developed a custom crawl space humidity monitoring solution and a temperature sensing app.


In 2016, Steeple became a member of the Nest Developer Network and did a feasibility study using Nest cameras and custom application to monitor facilities and provide alerts.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)™

Cloud-based services like AWS provide advantages with cost and scalability. The Steeple NCS2016 app leveraged AWS for API management, Lambda functions for high-availability compute, and AWS-DynamoDB as our fully-managed NoSQL database service.

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