Steeple's Mobile Sex Offender Registry App

The Steeple developed a Mobile Sex Offender Registry (SOR) app for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI). The app allows law enforcement and correctional agencies to update sex offender information while working in the field. The mobile application is based on TBI's Sexual Offender/Violent Sexual Offender registration, verification, and tracking form.

Mobile Sex Offender Registry

The Mobile Sex Offender Registry was reverse engineered from a .Net and C# application by Steeple to replicate functionality on iOS mobile devices.

Technology Blend: SQL Server, Swift, Biometrics (Touch/Face ID)

Supported Devices: iOS Tablets

What Can the Mobile SOR App Do For You?

The Mobile SOR App provides an excellent platform to add mobile capabilities for other states and tribal entities. Contact us to find out more! Contact Us!

Search by Name or TOMIS number

With a network connection, search for offenders. Store up to five offenders to work on offline!

Address Verification

Verify offender addresses, employment data, relative addresses, and contact information right from the app.

Employment Verification

Add and updated employers to support Offender employment verification requirements.

Electronic IDs

Collect and update Offender email, screen name, and social media accounts.

Take and Upload Photos

You can now take up to 10 images to document the Offender, residence, vehicles, etc.

Digitally Obtain Signatures

Officers and Offenders can digitally sign all documentation, saving your department time and money on paper resources!

Steeple's TBI Success Story

  • When we started the TBI Mobile SOR app, we turned to our UX/UI guidelines that we apply to all of our projects. User experience testing was the hallmark of our successful application design process. User feedback gave us a better understanding of user goals and alternative navigation options for an optimized user experience. We determine early in the process that our users wanted a bigger font size. Early prototypes helped us to shorten our schedule for overall application design.

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